iPhone 7 / 8 Ring Support Phone Case

  • $29.98

Free Rotation, Perfect Withdraw

360°+120° rotation space make it withdraw  conveniently

2-in-1, Soft And Hard

Soft inside and hard outside design upgrades the mobile phone protection, keeping it from damage.

Can Be Vehicle-Mounted

With ring support and magnet, the phone case brings users brand-new experience

Concealed Holder,   Stable Placement

After taking concealed support in, it doesn’t affect mobile phone horizontal placing

Independent  Buttons,  Precise  Trepanning

Longer buttons lifetime, Hollow-out port in the bottom matches accurately

Meticulous Protection, Cover All The Bases

The thickness of case is 0.4mm, perfectly protecting the screen and camera.

Reinforced Rim, Double Protection

All-Round Design + Thickened Edges + Anti-Skid Texture, Safe and Reliable

Lightweight Touch, Comfortable Experience

Sense Thickness Only 1mm, Enjoy Lightweight, Fondle Admiringly

Softly Fit, Easy to Assemble And Disassemble

Featured soft silicone interior, lightweight, Rounded Corners, the case is easy to be assembled and disassembled

Exquisite Texture, Anti-skid and Abrasion Resistance

Elaborate carbon fiber texture, Anti-skid and abrasion resistance, Elegant appearance

Bionic Texture, Accelerated Cooling

Bionic grooved texture increases  the  speed of air circulation and dissipate heat.